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Demands for niche treatments emerge from COVID

26 Jan 2021 3:50 PM | Anonymous

Since March, while many therapists have seen their workloads reduce dramatically, surprisingly some massage disciplines are increasing in popularity because of COVID restrictions. In recent months while many spa resorts and treatment rooms have been forced to close, the reality for people working with seniors, the elderly and people with disabilities is that their needs have increased and the demand for massage and rehabilitation is greater than ever.

According to Nicola Ryan owner of Sangoma Training, a bodywork training specialist based in the midlands, there has been an increased interest in specialised training courses because of the current Covid restrictions. "For many nursing homes and care facilities Covid restrictions have really limited the services they can offer their clients" she says. "Before COVID many nursing homes or care facilities would have relied on regular visits from external practitioners for physical therapy and massage treatments for their clients. These treatments are so beneficial for clients and help to prevent further injuries and issues. But since Covid external visits have been severely restricted leaving staff to care for clients with little or no support. A few months ago I noticed an increase in demand for Sangoma Training courses relating to treating senior or elderly clients and clients with disabilities. Speaking with colleagues who are working with clients in their own homes or in residential facilities it has been hard to see people suffer and deteriorate because their normal care has been disrupted and limited" according to Nicola.

As a result many care staff have found themselves trying to upskill and compensate for the loss of services and are looking for support to maintain care for their clients. "The benefits of massage for older people and people with disabilities is so impactful but it requires extra knowledge and expertise so that everyone is comfortable, confident and avoids injury" according to Nicola. "Initially I was surprised by the interest in my specialist massage training given the current situation but it has been really heartening to see my colleagues going that extra mile for their clients."

For more information about specialised massage training at Sangoma Training log onto www.naturalhealth.ie

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