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Help IMTA to Lobby for Greater Recognition of the Role of Massage

6 Nov 2020 10:43 PM | Anonymous

Please assist IMTA to Lobby our government for greater recognition of the role of massage in people's health and wellness, as an adjunct to other health professionals. Please sign the petition linked here and share it with clients, family and friends. 

Petition: Open therapy clinics for Mental Health and Chronic Pain

Also, please email all TD's in your area. We have included a sample email here that you can edit if you so choose. 

We understand not all massage therapists or all clients will deem their treatments essential and that is correct, but there are many individuals out there that benefit greatly from their treatment and suffer extensively without it. 

Kind regards

IMTA Committee

Dear (TD's name),

I am writing to you on behalf of my practice/clinic and profession, (insert name of practice/clinic) and also as a member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association (IMTA).

I feel that my profession needs to be considered as an essential service, which is a serious adjunct to the Health Service. I treat individuals with chronic pain and am able to reduce stress and assist with mental health issues. My treatments vary from pain management to enabling individuals manage their own mental health issues through relaxation. During the last lockdown, many of my individual clients who relied on me to manage these issues had to seek medical support that invariably meant medication and visits to their Doctors.

Currently, members of the IMTA are placed at the same level as beauticians and hairdressers. Aside from being required under the existing regulations, to close for the next 6 weeks, IMTA members are more concerned on the deleterious health effects on our clients. This is more about the health benefits and not just the problem of the lack of earnings that are needed to keep the practice/clinic afloat.

During the first lockdown, the IMTA, our voluntary governing body, drew up stringent COVID-19 guidelines based on our existing code of practice to allow us practice safely. To my knowledge there currently has been no issue with spread of COVID-19 from a massage treatment.

I do not wish to put anyone at risk and I take my COVID-19 guidelines which I have implemented in my practice/clinic very seriously.  I limit contact between clients and do a full clean of the therapy room between each treatment. In worse case scenario, we have solid systems in place for contact tracing. The health of my clients, myself and my family and community are paramount.

I am of benefit to the health service from numerous points of view.

I am the support that is currently needed to help the HSE and not hinder it.

I appreciate you taking the time to consider this matter. Attached is a letter from a client of mine highlighting the support I provide for them and how they suffered due to lack of it during the last lockdown.  


(name and address)

Irish Massage Therapists Association

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