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Why Book With An IMTA Member

We promote high standards, ethics and professionalism in clinical practice as well as training and continuing professional development for massage and bodywork therapists in Ireland.

Consider choosing the IMTA because our registered therapists:

  • Meet our qualification standards, including anatomy and physiology

  • Actively update skills with continuing education (CPDs)

  • Are recognised by Irish Life Health insurance for treatment rebates of up to €25 (dependant on policy)

  • Abide by the IMTA’s Code Of Ethics

  • Abide by all relevant regulations, such as GDPR, Health and Safety, etc

  • Provide a health screen and consultation on your first visit 

  • Hold professional indemnity insurance

  • Offer a wide variety of massage and bodywork modalities depending on your requirements

  • Work in many different settings - clinics, spas, sports teams, hospices, etc

  • Are based all around the country


Many people like to receive regular massage sessions and recognise the benefits of doing so. However for some, attending a massage therapist is necessary to relieve pain, due to an injury or illness, or for stress and anxiety reduction needs.

Irrespective of your reasons for getting a massage, knowing ways to make it more affordable can be helpful.

There are two ways you can do this:

Irish Life Health InsuraNce

All our therapists are recognised by Irish Life Health insurance for treatment rebates. Members of the IMTA fall under "Allied Health Professionals and Alternative Practitioners" within the personal insurance plans. €30 can be claimed back per treatment, which depending on your health care package can be capped at a maximum amount of visits per policy year.

To submit a claim for a rebate, you will need a receipt from your IMTA therapist.It will state your name, the treatment type and cost as well as the name and details of your therapist including the therapist's IMTA membership number. 

Revenue Health Expenses

If you have been prescribed massage treatments by a registered medical practitioner you can claim relief on health expenses through myAccount or Revenue Online Services (ROS).  Form 12 (for PAYE) or Form 11 (for self-assessed) for tax back on your treatments. Revenue - Health Expenses. You can only claim for expenses you have receipts for. You can can claim tax relief on the last four year's health expenses.

If you have private health insurance, you can claim tax relief on the portion of those expenses not covered by your insurer. Real Time Credits (

About Us 

Founded in 1990, by a small cohort across the Emerald Isle, the Irish Massage Therapists Association (IMTA) was created to form a self regulating professional body for massage and bodywork professionals in Ireland.

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